A Perfect Balance of Chewiness and Delicacy

Maguro Shokudo

๐Ÿ“1, Sangwon 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

๐Ÿ“• Habdong (Small) 17,500 won

๐Ÿ“• Habdong (Medium) 27,500 won

๐Ÿ“• Dorodorodong (Small) 27,500 won

โ€ป Menu/prices are subject to change.

โฐ Tue-Sat 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

As soon as it touched my tongue, it melted away. It practically melts like a magma flow. It’s like placing ice cream on top of a lava mound. I ordered the Have-dong (Otoro, Daepae, minus the back) option. It comes out generously portioned in charming little dishes. The soy sauce marinade permeates well, making the overall flavor mildly tangy. The chewy taste, somewhat like aged sashimi, mixes with the delicacy in your mouth. It’s expected to effortlessly melt in your mouth. Note that you should apply just the right amount of wasabi before eating. The flavor bursts strongly. To enjoy it properly, place the slices of fatty tuna on the seaweed, sprinkle a bit of wasabi, and as you bite into the rice, the seaweed’s nutty taste combines with the delicacy of the sushi.

If you’re on Jeju Island, visit the Jeju branch, and if you’re in Seoul, go to the Seongsu-dong branch. Keep in mind that the Seongsu branch is closed every Tuesday, and for Jeju, confirm their operating hours before you go. They only serve lunch here, so dinner is out of the question. They have their main shop in Osaka Tsuruhashi, and branches in Jeju Island and Seongsu-dong. The taste is almost identical to what I had on Jeju Island. Whenever possible, it’s recommended to get there when they open. Inside, you’ll find counter seating. While Seongsu-dong is filled with numerous culinary delights, the opportunity to savor fresh tuna for lunch alone makes it a must-visit place.

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