Full of chewy goodness, it’s been ages since I indulged in some gopchang

Chungjung Hanwoo DolGopchang

๐Ÿ“ย ย 22, Wanjeong-ro 202beonan-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

โฐ Monday to Saturday 13:00 – 22:30 (Closed: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month)

๐Ÿ“• Premium Beef Tripe (Hanwoo Gopchang) 250g: 22,000 won

๐Ÿ“• Premium Beef Large Intestine (Hanwoo Daechang) 200g: 22,000 won

My taste buds are in paradise. Every bite makes my taste buds dance in delight. This porridge is not just food; it’s an experience. Its comforting softness makes me envy the locals of Incheon. If it were closer to my home, I’d be a regular here, visiting at least once a week. The signage outside speaks volumes of their expertise. The owner exudes warmth and hospitality, making dining here a delight. From the kimchi to the rice and chili powder, everything screams authentic Korean flavors. The freshness of the intestines is undeniable, and while the taste is divine, it feels like a symphony of flavors, perfectly orchestrated.

I opted for three servings of grilled Korean beef intestines and one serving of Daechang. Each bite of the intestines is a burst of tenderness, with flavors that intensify with every chew. Paired with the crispiness of the chives, it’s like a harmonious melody playing in my mouth.

For aficionados of both soju and intestines, this place is a haven. The Daechang is remarkably light, bursting with juices with every bite. And let’s not forget about the fried rice, a must-try. Each grain is perfectly seasoned, offering a delightful balance of sweetness. As I finish with a rice ball, I can’t help but feel complete.

This place is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. So, before you head to the airport or bid farewell to Korea, make sure to check this gem off your list.

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