I’m discovering a beefy oasis of juiciness

Taewon Hanwoo

πŸ“Β Β 59, Majang-ro 37-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

⏰ Monday to Sunday 08:00 -21:00

πŸ“• Assorted Hanwoo Beef: Price Fluctuations

πŸ“• Hanwoo Sirloin: Price Fluctuations

πŸ“• Pork Belly: Price Fluctuations

β€» Menu/prices are subject to change Corkage: Corkage is available at Inseng Hanwoo, priced at 10,000 won per bottle.

This is Majangdong Korean Beef 1++. It’s crystal clear: I’ve encountered the essence of juicy perfection. No wonder my pupils dilate; the deep, robust, and luxuriously fatty flavor bursts forth in my mouth. It’s an unforgettable sensation. With each bite, the beef melts like butter, leaving a lingering richness. I instinctively reach for the Coke, knowing it’s the perfect complement to the experience. A pinch of salt and a dab of wasabi are all it needs to elevate the flavor.

The meat’s texture is exceptional. The Brisket Navel End and Flap meat, being naturally fatty, deliver the pinnacle of flavor, and just a Grade 2 cut is sufficient to savor its true essence. I opted for five different cuts, all boasting the esteemed 1++ grade: Korean Beef Strip Loin, Ribeye Crown, Chunk Roll (734g), Korean Brisket Navel End (234g), Korean Tenderloin (224g), and Korean Flap meat (334g). In total, I purchased 1.5 kilograms, amounting to a total of $192,000.

For those interested, when making a purchase, you have the liberty to specify your desired cuts rather than selecting from the assorted meats on display. Witnessing the butchering process is quite fascinating, and you can even negotiate the price to your liking, such as requesting 500 grams of sirloin or 300 grams of ribeye.

To sum it up, I procure my meat from Taewon Hanwoo, specifying my preferred cuts. Then, I head over to Inseng Hanwoo restaurant, operated by Taewon Hanwoo. Interestingly, purchasing directly from the butcher tends to be more economical compared to buying from a restaurant, with a price difference of 2,000 won. As for dining expenses, the meal costs a mere 6,000 won per person. The owner kindly directs patrons to the restaurant, conveniently located adjacent to the original building due to personal matters with the landlord. Visitors can easily find parking near the west gate and enjoy their meal, just a short 400 meters away from Taewon Hanwoo, situated right in front of the north gate. With ample public parking available, accessibility is hassle-free.”

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