Iconic 30-Year-Old Intestines Spot

The Uri Gopchang

Iconic 30-Year-Old Intestines Spot.

When it comes to national dishes, nothing beats the mouthwatering combo of two servings of seasoned grilled intestines paired with fried rice. In the heart of Jongno-gu, particularly in the vibrant Gopchang Alley at Shinjin Market, you’ll find numerous intestines joints. But among the lot, there’s one true legend that’s been dishing out savory intestines since 1979. Picture this: they’re grilling those intestines right outside the joint, and the aroma alone is enough to lure you in. Surprisingly, these grilled intestines aren’t the least bit pungent; instead, they’re delightfully chewy. The portions? Generous. The veggies? Fresh as can be. And that fried rice? It’s a medley of flavors with seaweed, bean sprouts, and stir-fried kimchi. Pro tip: if you leave a few giblets behind, you’ll concoct a fried rice sauce that’s out of this world. Now, here’s the kicker – if you swing by in the winter, they serve up canola leaves, which may sound unusual, but trust me, when paired with the grilled meat, it elevates the whole experience.

Inside, the place is surprisingly spacious, and there’s more to explore. Uri Gopchang awaits on both sides of the market alley. Oh, and don’t forget, there’s a second-floor seating option on one side, adding to the roominess. The staff? Super friendly and the atmosphere? On point. Jongno is a treasure trove of must-see spots and foodie havens, from the bustling Gwangjang Market and Chickensoup Alley to the serene Cheonggyecheon Stream and vibrant Dongdaemun. So, after you’ve savored the gopchang goodness, take a leisurely stroll along the Cheonggyecheon Stream – the perfect way to end your food adventure.

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