Nobody Hates Tteokbokki





Black-Broth Tteokbokki: Wheat Rice Cakes, Perfectly Seasoned for a Flavor Explosion!

When it comes to tteokbokki, the key is nailing the flavor. This place does it just right. The wheat-based rice cakes are a game-changer, boasting impeccable seasoning. The level of sweetness? Spot on—never too sugary. Now, the spiciness here is the real deal, not that artificial stuff. It’s a delightful, palate-tingling heat that I personally love. Spicy enough to banish stress in a single bite! The sauce leans a tad toward the thicker side, but it works wonders. Besides the seasoning, the dish keeps it simple, featuring green onions, fish cake, and wheat cake—minimalist perfection.

And don’t miss the ‘tteoktteusun’—a delectable combo of tteokbokki and deep-fried goodies. The tempura is impeccably crisp, giving you that delightful crunch. It’s like they fried it in the finest oil. I walked away from this meal feeling utterly satisfied.

I didn’t spot a single soul around me who didn’t adore tteokbokki. In fact, I’ve got a friend who swears by morning tteokbokki. This place not only serves up fantastic flavors but also a visually enticing experience. It’s a real salivary gland stimulator! You’ll find this gem right in the heart of Hwayang First Market, near Exit 1 of Kundae Station. The moment you step inside, the market’s warmth envelops you. This market tteokbokki joint is a well-known institution with a proud 25-year history. My intentional visit here was absolutely worth it.

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