Oh, found the lost basketball

August Feast Day

πŸ“ 5, Achasan-ro 76-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 04969, Rep. of KOREA

⏰ Mon-Sun 17:00-23:00

πŸ“• Super Bowl 85,000 won

πŸ“• Soft Tofu Stew 7,000 won

πŸ“• Kimchi Jjigae 7,000 won

I found a lost basketball in Gwangjin District. This is the Super Bowl shot from Jeju Island pig to Seoul. It takes the sacrifice of 2kg of pork neck to make this, leaving only 600g after removing the fat. The top is seared with a torch, giving it a gradual smoky flavor. The unfolding of the ball is impressive. Once somewhat cooked, it’s seasoned with homemade spices. The removal of fat gives it a dry texture and a salty taste, making it a great snack for drinks. It’s a dish with charming flavors, requiring lots of labor, thus it’s sold in limited quantities. They open daily at 5 PM without serving lunch.

All the meat comes directly from a ranch in Jeju Island. The brothers who own the place take great pride in their meat. It started with pork belly. The older brother-like figure kindly grills it and serves it piece by piece in front of you. Before you can marvel at the taste, he announces ‘This is pork belly,’ ‘This is neck meat,’ making a lasting impression. It seems to set the standard for meat. The taste elevates your palate. All meat is grilled with a torch, both pork belly and neck meat are large, thick, and bursting with juices.

This place is near Gwangnaru Station. Crossing the Cheonho Bridge from Gwangnaru Station, you will find Gwangnaru Hangang Park. The park offers everything from a bicycle-themed playground to a rail bike track, providing plenty of activities. The recently opened “Playground for Everyone” features everything from a sandbox and bars to swings, as well as a well-maintained ecological park, making it a great visit with children.

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