The taste of being able to do 10 sets of 20 squats


๐Ÿ“ 332, Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

โฐ Tue-Sun 11:10-22:00 Break time 15:00-17:00

๐Ÿ“• Hijitsumabushi Special 51,000 won

๐Ÿ“• Hijitsumabushi Regular 37,000 won

๐Ÿ“• Unaju 37,000 won

Attention eel lovers. The eel here is exceptionally tender, almost like pudding. It feels like eating the perfect form of firmness, like terrine. The seasoning pairs extremely well with the eel. The chewy rice is charming, taste sweet and slightly savory. It may be too strong for some, If you like stimulating flavors, it can suit well.

The special dish Hitsumabushi includes half a freshwater eel. Hitsumabushi is a Nagoya-style dish, while Unaju is Tokyo-style. Grilling and eating methods are different. Nagoya-style is typically served with ochazuke. Hitsumabushi completely remove oil from the eel, resulting in a crispy exterior and tender texture. Unaju has less oil removed, creating a crispy and subtly tender texture. Even your parents will love the dishes here. The restaurant is very close to Exit 7 of Nonhyeon Station (Line 7). After your meal, it’s nice to take a stroll in Jamwon Hangang Park.

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