Turkey, Greece, and Now with a Touch of the Middle East

Chick Peace Sinsa

๐Ÿ“69, Gangnam-daero 152-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

๐Ÿ“• Avocado Salad 14,000 won

๐Ÿ“• Vegan Salad 11,500 won

๐Ÿ“• Chicken Salad 11,500 won 

โ€ป Menu/prices are subject to change.

โฐ Mon-Sun 11:30 AM – 8:30 PM Break Time 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

It’s so innocent, yet delicious. Here is a Mediterranean-style salad restaurant called Chickpeas. I added roasted chicken to the avocado salad. It comes piled high with avocado, baby carrots, chickpeas, olives, lettuce, and red cabbage. When you order a salad or rice dish at Chickpeas, they serve it with falafel and hummus, which are a delightful addition. Falafel is a dish made by mashing chickpeas and frying them like croquettes. It’s made from chickpeas but has the taste of schnitzel. Hummus is a type of dipping sauce made by boiling chickpeas and adding various spices. You’ll need to taste it to understand its appeal. Just the fact that the restaurant is named Chickpeas shows how serious they are about chickpeas. The crescent-shaped bread served with it is pita bread. It comes hollowed out, so you can stuff it with salad and toppings to your liking. Even if you eat only half, you’ll feel full. The roasted chicken is a prime example of crispy outside and tender inside. The skin is crispy, while the meat is juicy and moist. When you eat it with the salad, you might find yourself saying, ‘If healthy food is like this, I could eat it every day.’

Here, you’ll feel a mix of Turkey, Greece, and Middle Eastern flavors along the Mediterranean coast. It’s not an easily accessible cuisine for everyone, yet there’s always a crowd here. It’s even popular among those who follow a vegan diet. Chickpeas isn’t a strict vegan restaurant; they offer many meat-based dishes, and you can add meat as an option. Don’t hesitate; give Chickpeas a try. You won’t regret it. Many people come here before or after exercising, and you’ll also spot quite a few foreigners. You can visit without any worries. It’s about a 15-minute walk from Sinsa Station Exit 8. If you want a healthy yet delicious meal, I highly recommend it.

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